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"Influence or be Ignored"

"My name is Renee Gambino. I am the Notorious Influencer. At my highest value, I deliver Fearless Integrity™. I'm a straight shooter. I'm not afraid of the truth, your success or making your comfort zone cringe. I help free business owners, professionals and leaders from restless ambition... AND I'm willing to share every single secret and strategy that I've spent 49 yrs. developing to OUTTHINK your biggest challenges, competition and critics in business and life™. THAT'S why they call me The Boss."

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As an entrepreneur for 23 years and Founder of Fearless Integrity™ brand, Renee spent 3 years as the Business Expert on NY’s #1 News Talk Station WOR710 and iHeart Radio on the hit show Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life and Seven Magazine, published monthly, has been seen in ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX NEWS and International Business Times. She co-authored in Keys To a Good Life, Maximillian Publishing, and nailed Amazon Best Seller list co-authoring The Seven Paths to Success. 


Renees signature work as the Founder and Creator of MODUS 5, The Five Critical Step Method to Elegant, Intelligent, Connection to Conversion leads the way through the science and mechanics of decision making. Over the past 23 years she’s mentored, trained, hired and fired. She speaks and supports her clients and audiences from her many successes and fails. Truth talking is the core of her teaching and being. ​

My background is in holistic health. I spent over 15K hours treating stress and soft tissue injuries while leading a team of therapists, doctors and holistic practitioners. I became physically and mentally burnt out with a waiting list only schedule for many years. 

The most valuable concept I mastered was, the body has the innate ability to heal itself if given the right environment... and so does a business, a relationship and a bank account. It's all a matter of The Law of Cause and Effect. Through this, you can solve any problem.
I wanted to share what I had figured out about becoming in demand. I had to put my innate ability to connect, communicate and convert "on paper". Making the DECISION to work with me was where the healing began for my clients. Bingo! 
I immersed myself in the science and mechanics of decision making. My background in treating human anatomy and physiology under stress made the study of the human condition right up my alley. I wasn't looking to start over, I was looking to take my expertise to new levels. 
Here were my questions. Why do we say yes? Why do we say no? Why do we get stuck in indecision? Why do we object to buying when clearly it will solve our problem? What do people want to hear? What do people need to hear? What gets people's attention? What causes someone to take action? What causes inaction?
I know from treating injury, stress and disease that if you don't get to the core of a problem, any solution is a full fledged band-aid. If I had offered band-aids to my clients who were suffering with legit pain I would have been a joke. I take myself, my clients and my work too seriously for that.   
My continuous study, certifications, licensing and working at high levels with some of the greatest minds in personal development, Universal Law, neuroscience, communication and influence raised my bar on what I offer to my clients.


"I help my clients use precision thinking and strategy design to engage, not in vague, mystical, personal development, but the science and mechanics of vision, decision, innovation and motivation resulting in greater impact, profits, significance and intelligence."
Yes, this even works for a sarcastic, humor is my drug of choice, Italian kid who still can't use chopsticks without cursing. Can someone just get me a fork and a spoon? Rice noodles are simply spaghetti, why are we making this complicated? Anybody? 
I don't believe in boring, so what, why and how I teach has nothing to do with proper or painstaking and everything to do with cause and effect. 
Being in service to your market whether you are an innate leader, innovator, relationship builder, standard raiser, trusted advisor, risk protector or unassuming analytical takes awareness first... non-negotiable. The body follows the mind... UNLESS... you're running on autopilot which is what most people's problem is. Just sayin. 

You are not special. This means you are not less valuable, smart or deserving than anyone else. Your goals are just as achievable as the highest ranking performer, dead or alive in your industry.
Here's who I don't work with:
Takers and Fakers. 
Here's who I do work with:

Those who suffer from relentlessly restless ambition and want to finally make a shift in their incomes and outcomes under the agreement that success is an inside job. This tells me you get that awareness is learned and your success is earned. You just want the fastest most uncomplicated path to high level impact. AKA: Movers and Shakers. 


There is no better investment than in your truth

In truth, there is integrity, accuracy, authenticity, courage, self-respect and personal responsibility.

My father used to say "Use your head!"

Best. Advice. Ever. 

I lost my Dad in 2002. A hard lesson in time is the only condition we’re up against. From when I was little he’d say to me, “Honey bunch, I can move MOUNTAINS!” I didn’t get it until the stakes were high. He lived a decade longer than they said he would. He proved his mind body moving mountains ability. He had to be tough. He taught me resilience. He had to choose humility over pride. He taught me self-confidence. He didn't care about when and how he was supposed to die. He taught me to never care what anyone thinks. That was his secret. I'm grateful that he lives with and through me. Born Gambino, I’ve spent my entire life being asked if I was “Connected”. Always the infamous question. Based on what I’ve experienced, learned and found faith in…the truth is… we all are.

Ready to get Connected?

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