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An invitation for Fluid and Fearless Participants to nail your Accelerator!


You showed up for yourself for the workshop!

Do you need:


  • To complete & rev up implementing?

  • Stronger strategic Power Moves?

  • A more innovative Solution Crusher?

  • More collaboration?

  • Help with your fail plan?


Here's your chance!

Register Here:

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Date & Time

August 13th 

8:45am - 10:30am



Yup! Another Zoom meeting! We guarantee a worthy experience! 


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Renee Gambino, Business Strategist, Mindset Coach

I help business owners, teams and leaders outTHINK their biggest challenges, competition and critics. I help them identify what makes them different and strategize new models and methods to grow and succeed at their next level and highest value. 

I do this through teaching how you and everyone else makes decisions and acts on them... or not. Where we are "coming from" not where we came from determines all outcomes. 


Being able to access and engage the higher faculties of the mind makes you a high powered, high integrity communicator, leader, connector, earner, influencer, innovator, thinker, difference making, mountain moving asset to the world.  

This is what I want for our kids and communities. This is what I'm here to do. 



Tricia Pipitone, Educator 

As a relentless defender of limitless potential, Tricia is a strong advocate for our youth. She's passionate about and dedicated to showing her students how to step into their authenticity and rise above any challenges. 

An educator for over 20 years, certified for general and special education with experience working in and with many different grade levels and classroom settings. Trish is a lifelong learner and seeker of personal growth. Most recently, she's teamed up with Renee Gambino to motivate others to help our youth and future generations to become better decision makers and change makers.

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